Taira Croissanterie was created by a couple who were working in specialty coffee industry in Nottingham, Sydney and Toronto before moving to Košice. We wanted to combine our experience and knowledge and share with you, our customers, but at the same time, challenge something new for us which is baking croissants.


Croissants! It takes minimum two days to make our croissants. It’s made from scratch, freshly baked every morning and never been frozen. We pay attention to fillings we use too. They are all house-made with carefully chosen ingredients just like our croissants.



Freshly baked on morning. Never been frozen. Made with house-made fillings.



Masarykova 2
040 01 Košice


Cartwheel Coffee

We have various coffees in selection based on season. Please, visit us for current offer.


Enjoy our croissants with cup of coffee. We offer espresso based drinks or pour over coffee.



Opening hours:
Wed – Sun: 11am – 16pm
For more info, please find us on Instagram @taira_croissanterie              


As a fan of croissants and specialty coffee, we were struggling to find a cafe where we can have both of them at the same time here in Košice. We wanted to create a space for those who might or not, think the same way like us.


We’re very happy to work together with Carrow Coffee Roasters and bringing their coffee collections to Košice. Carrow Coffee Roasters is an independent coffee roastery alocated on Carrowgarry farm beside the Atlantic Ocean in County Sligo, Ireland. They’re committed to the traceable sourcing and sustainable roasting of some of the world’s best coffees. Their aim is to source top quality beans and roast them to the highest standards, favouring light to medium roasts that allow a bean’s intrinsic flavour to shine through. They are committed to reducing their environmental impact through the adoption of sustainable practices that will reduce carbon footprint. For example, they use 100% compostable packaging for retail bags and supply their wholesale customers in the Sligo area using reusable buckets, which helps to cut down on packaging in the bin! Chaff from the roaster and coffee grinds are used as compost for the vegetable garden. Find out more about Carrow Coffee Roasters.


We have a small shop or as we call it Taira Stand where you can try our croissants and coffee. We offer a various range of croissants on daily basis.


TAIRA Croissanterie
Masarykova 2
040 01 Košice

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Curb side parking on Masarykova street

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